Clinical and Pharmacologic Research Center is crucial resource for WVU

Helping millions of people get access to less expensive medicine and improve their healthcare, the CPRC is a drug testing center with 102 beds. Third- and fourth-year pharmacy students at WVU can participate in five-week rotations at the CPRC, giving them hands-on experience in the development and testing of new generic drugs. Read More »

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Simulation lab under construction for upgrades

In an effort to improve clinical learning in larger groups and inter-professional settings, the WV Simulation Training and Education for Patient Safety (STEPS) is being expanded, nearly quadrupling the space. Opening of this space is slated for August 2015. Read More »

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WVU medical students meet their match

For four years, students at the WVU School of Medicine have worked toward Match Day – the day they learn where they will spend the next several years as resident-physicians. WVU medical students, as well as those throughout the nation, participated in the complex process that matches graduating medical students’ preferences with program preferences. Read More »

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WVU researcher to study effects of nanomaterials during pregnancy

Phoebe Stapleton, Ph.D., post-doctoral fellow in the WVU School of Medicine Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, will use the nearly $1 million, five-year grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to study gestational exposure to nanomaterials. Dr. Stapleton is the first at WVU to earn a Pathway to Independence Award from the NIH. Read More »

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